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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Coach Profile: Chris Holtmann

Every coach has lessons to share. Chris Holtmann had a tough situation at Butler, but has continued the success of Brad Stevens. What makes Holtmann tick? 

Philosophy. Holtmann emphasized toughness and grit, building a top ten defense. 

Finding "Butler guys" to fit the culture remains a priority...appreciation and humility“What you really learn the longer that you’re in this (profession),” Holtmann said, “is two things: 1. You are really grateful and you feel blessed that the Lord has given you the opportunity to do what you love, and pursue what you love; and then you are just so thankful for the staff and players that have allowed you to probably get more credit than you deserve.”

Process. What is "The Butler Way?" “It is about doing things the right way and bring in kids with talent and character...“that showed us with the right kids we can win. It is important for us to keep that in mind, and not compromise who we are."

Holtmann appreciates the importance of communication, verbal and non-verbal. "During the team's first few practices this fall, he and the staff filmed players' reactions to bad calls and turnovers." Showing players their poor body language changed them. We need to understand how our inner voice affects who we are. 

Coaching Notes (from Wes Kosel): what does Holtmann preach

  1. Who you are will outlast what you do. 
  2. Have a “growth” mindset
  3. Define your culture every day.
  4. What we let go in November will come back to bite you in February and March.
  5. Distrust and selfishness are the two most destructive forces in a program.
  6. Best coaches find a way to get teams to own their growth and progress.
Simplified: (CAGES) character, culture, accountability, growth, execution, sharing. 

Video. (Stopping transition.)

1. Define responsibilities.
2. Communicate specific directions.
3. Shape up converts to cover perimeter.
4. Load to the ball. 

Specifics define success. 

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