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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Difference Makers

"Little things make big things happen." - John Wooden

Celtics' analyst Brian Scalabrine continually shares first-half pearls that make a difference. 

"Get the ball in the paint." The Celtics trailed early as they missed long jump shots (hard twos). 

"Trust your teammates." Nobody can do it all by themselves. 

"See the movement." I remind players constantly that "movement kills defense." 

"If you want to beat the Warriors, that's how you have to play - pass, pass, pass." 

"Does so many help you win." Scal complimented Jae Crowder on the breadth of his game. Crowder's 'true' value encompasses his work around the basket and his defense in "positionless basketball". 

"Amazing that they're only down three points at this time..." Scalabrine noted that the Celtics were outscored by ten in the paint in the first quarter. 

"Perfect timing by Smart..." noted the role of patience in allowing the play to develop in transition. 

"Good understanding by Jaylen Brown (3), understanding that if my guy goes (to double) that I have to release." 

"The Celtics have done a great job (in the second) getting into the paint...first quarter, 16-6 and now 24-20." The Warriors are small; adjustments are critical. 

"You gotta call those quick timeouts (in this building) because these guys can really get runs going." Brad Stevens takes a timeout after consecutive transition hoops. Unfortunately, they followed that up with two terrible possessions. 

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