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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Preparing for Summer Teaching - Individual Assignment Defense

Presume nothing. Players are a blank slate. Fill it up. 

Dwayne Casey brings great energy to this FIBA clinic. It's worth the half-hour investment. Teaching is hard work. 


Dwayne Casey...defense matters in every sport.

Trust comes from players knowing you care.

Players need to know their responsibility. Casey clarifies what he's willing to give and what not. 

Have your priority (ball pressure, no paint) and execution (borrowed from Extreme Ownership)

Stance (like sitting in a chair, athletic stance)

"Nose to chest"

3 dribble drill (about developing habits for on-ball defense).

Within shell drill, he works on core elements.

Contain the ball.
Communicate (ball, nail, help).
Closeout under control.
Challenge shots.

"Don't reach." Missing has consequences (fouls, numbers). 

"Defense starts on your shot." Casey, like Doc Rivers, favors transition D versus offensive rebounding. 

He (like many) does NOT help off the Corner 3. 

Emphasis on hip turn and sprint not slide (much like Brian McCormick)...I call this "cornerback" as in NFL...

Help on penetration "sword fighting, a.k.a. stabbing", "fake and stay".

Tag the cutter forcing to the help. This also demands that the help locate to the paint/loads to the ball. 

"Thirst for knowledge."

Seven fundamentals:

1) Stance
2) Embrace the contact (Fight for space). 
3) Communication - verbal and non-verbal
4) Seeing - anticipate.
5) Attention to detail - demand. 
6) Have an act. 
7) Finish (cut, score, drill). 

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