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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Teaching Half Court Offense Via SLOB Ball Side Actions

"Great offense follows multiple actions." 

We can use "part-whole" methods to teach coordinated offense. That presumes players learn the fundamental actions of cutting, screening, passing, and finishing skills. 

We can teach half-court ball side actions via SLOB, introducing common movements like zipper, shuffle, and UCLA cuts. Similarly, we can introduce 'combined actions' with parallel emphasis on setting up cuts, looking off defenders, and making passes on time and on target. 

Finding a passer with vision, decision, and execution skills is critical, especially in pressure situations. 

Basic action: zipper cut into ball screen. 

Variation: entry to 5, 1 back cuts from zipper; option to clear cutter and run 5 isolation (iso). 

Wing attack off 5 entry. 

5 entry, 13 shuffle action. 

Zipper shuffle. 

5 entry, 31 corner screen. 

Zipper DHO (dribble handoff). 5 clears. Option to run DHO into 5 screen-and-roll. 

Zipper UCLA. 

31 Curl lob. 

Encourage players to "figure it out" via as they understand the nuances of spacing, cutting, screening, and passing. 

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