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Monday, July 9, 2018

Basketball: Zipper Options from SLOB; Lagniappe: Back Pivot Review

We see "zipper action" most often (not exclusively) on SLOB situations. We have many options off the zipper. 

Base action

Unzip: cutter option to reverse to basket

Refuse the zipper. 5 entry and staggered screen away. 

Backscreen lob for 5 instead of the zipper, 3 releases. 

Handback flare for 3 (Zipper flare)

Zipper into Screen-the-screener (pick-the-picker) for 3. 

This illustrates the "family of plays" theme that might allow players to understand execution easier. 


We didn't have a big turnout at workouts yesterday (not surprising in early July), but we spent a lot of time on footwork.

Teaching point reminders (I teach middle schoolers):

1) I use the term front pivot or back pivot, because the FRONT or BACK of your body leads. We can always expand terms later. 
2) Play low in athletic position to have better balance.
3) Protect the ball. When you pivot, defenders can more easily swipe the ball in the "strike zone" between the knees and chest. I encourage ripping low. Some players like to move the ball high, which can cause the player to elbow the defender in the face. This can lead to offensive fouls and worse. 
4) Read the defender. If they "open" a side (open the door, open the gate), go through. 

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