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Saturday, November 3, 2018

Basketball: Critical Thinking Begins with Each of Us

How do we allocate resources? 

Resource allocation means how we spend, time (including practice time), energy, court minutes, calories, exercise, thought. 

Brian McCormick tells us to avoid three L's at practice - lines, laps, lectures. How can we make practice, teaching, and time more efficient?  

Plan better.

1. The practice schedule illuminates and trains. Don't waste time or motion.
2. Don't stand around. Use all the baskets, all the space. Standing is falling behind.
3. Get in and out of drills as rapidly as possible. 
4. Find the most efficient drills possible...condition, include offense, defense, and decision-making. E.g. O-D-O (offense-defense-offense) works on specials, offense, defense, conversion, pressure.
5. Practice at even higher tempo. We need an escape velocity to overcome the gravitation pull of ordinary.   
6. Demand "above the line" behavior. That starts at the top.  

Think harder.

1. What does my team need now?
2. Communicate better.
3. Study don't just read. 
4. Simplify. 
5. "Get past mad. Get past sad. Get past hard." 

Are we self-aware?

1. Leverage strengths; compensate for weaknesses.
2. Use the power of gratitude.  Video below.

3. Control what we can control. 
4. Create our better version.

Build your gratitude worksheet. 


Phil Jackson says, "basketball is sharing." One play encapsulates a player's NBA skill. 

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