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Monday, December 3, 2018

Basketball: Hot or Cold? Game Management, ATO and Other Actions

"Where are the customers' yachts?" parallels "if you're so smart, why did you lose?"

We got shots we wanted but we couldn't make them. We trailed by eight with about four minutes left. Our opponents played a pack-line style defense and did a good job jamming the middle. I decide to use my last three timeouts to try to get higher quality shots. 

The best groups I've coached had the ability to execute and improvise, understanding defensive tendencies and weaknesses. There's an argument saying don't ask young players to execute new stuff without practice. Some groups have better time and space ability. 

We couldn't connect on the pass. It was there but a tough play. The 'best decision' was probably the 5 isolating without enough space, as the 3 cuts through. 

About 3:30 left, timeout to run "Golden State." Cross-screen for 2 to enter the ball, with sequential screen to get 5 a layup. Bingo. Down 6. We score, down 4 but they make a free throw to go up 5. 

We score on an inside BOB handoff PnR and are down 3. We steal the ball and get a layup to go down 1 inside of a minute. We get the ball back and have a chance to run an ATO SLOB. We know they will switch everything.

About 30 seconds left, we run a Diamond set with 'screen-the-screener' action. They haven't seen this but run it well, but the shot rolls around and out. 

They advance the ball and score two free throws. We haven't fouled early enough. 

We have a final opportunity...they've backed off up 3 and the ball gets rolled up and we spend our last timeout with 1.5 seconds left in the backcourt. 

We execute the 'sandwich screen' correctly but get a zero percentage shot which falls a little short (although on line). 

We buried ourselves early, trailing by seven after two minutes, thirteen in the first half, and nine at halftime. I told the girls I was pleased at their resilience...they wanted to know when we play this team again...

I thought we found some identity this weekend as a team willing to stay in the fight. After losing, their first question was, "when do we play them again." Some say revenge is a dish best served cold. I've heard it say, "no it's like lobster. It tastes great hot or cold." 


It's full on layup practice tonight. 

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