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Monday, August 19, 2019

Basketball: Fast Five - Stop and Smell the Roses (Mindset Power)

Eighty-five year-old to me once during an office visit, "All of a sudden I got old." 

Life races by. Capture the moments. 

Attitude is our choice. Read Jon Gordon's The Positive Dog. Or even read a summary“One of my favorite ways to change the story you tell yourself is to say get to instead of have to." Work, coaching, study, and struggles are privileges not givens. 

Take Shawn Achor's 21-day Happiness Challenge. Achor is an educator at Harvard. Write down three items nightly that you're thankful for. After 21 days you've compiled 63 gratitude chips to access your attitude of gratitude

Invest time in Mindfulness to invest in yourself. Read Meng Tan's Search Inside Yourself, examining the science and practical benefits of training our mind. Reduce stress hormones, sleep better, decrease anxiety, depression, and blood pressure, and improve memory and concentration through change in brain structure and function (neuroplasticity). Mindfulness reduces thought wandering and decreases activity in the 'stress center' of the brain, the amygdala. 

Dot B. Stop and take a breath. Even one mindful breath daily beats nothing.

Fill the Jar of Awesome.  I have a Jar of Awesome. You should, too. 

Lagniappe 1. And another bonus of mindfulness, higher Standardized Test Scores, possibly through improved attention. 

Lagniappe 2. Got a dominant post? Two BOBs from @HoopsSean
Lagniappe 3. "Get in the gym." Yesterday, I worked (outdoors) with a high potential youngster including areas we haven't worked on: 

  • Upfake with side-dribble shooting (against hard closeouts)
  • Reverse Mikan drill including finishes with spin off the backboard
  • Directing offense through the high post (quick shots, high-low, and ball reversal) 

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