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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Fast Five Plus: Out of the Box Thinking

A few big corporations (e.g. 3M) assign employees time (10-15%) for 'out of the box thinking'. A software company could ask employees to fix bugs, create add-ons, or develop new products. 

As basketball coaches (or players), what ideas, revisions, or enhancements (or deletions) belong on our radar? Chop wood, carry water. 

1. Edit our Drill Book (additions and subtractions). Google Drive is an excellent shareable resource. 

2. Reformat our Playbook. Our playbook includes motion offense, man and zone sets, special situations (BOB, SLOB, Game winners), delay game, quick hitters, presses and other defenses. What's working, not working, or needs tweaking? 

IMD (in my dreams) we space, cut, screen, and pass. 

I like to use the inbounder to screen...not sure they're as enthusiastic. 

3. Network with other coaches. Bill Belichick has met with Nick Saban, Gregg Popovich, Tony LaRussa, and Chip Kelly. Online basketball groups provide 'free advice'. 

4. Attend an analytics conference (or pursue equivalent study). "Do more of what works and less of what isn't." 

5. Prepare (as though you're asked) a presentation for a Coaching Clinic. Young players have limited perspective and experience. Every day can be a mini-clinic. 

6. Ask myself, what are my shortcomings as a coach? How can I improve? Coaching encompasses leadership, teaching, organization, knowledge, game management, analysis, and more. How can I give more? 

7. Ask, "If I were building a legacy, what can I do today?" 

8. Ask "Whom have I not thanked enough or often enough?" I start with my wife...

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