Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Fast Five: Drills to Apply Pressure

Effective teams excel by applying and defeating pressure. "But it's hard." Get past hard

Advantage-Disadvantage. "Make practice hard so games are easier." 5 on 7 no dribble against the full court press. 

1 on 2 fullcourt pressure (timed). The coach (out of bounds) enters the ball to the offensive player who must beat two players to advance the ball to halfcourt within ten seconds. This demands hard cutting, then a good handle to include backdribble crossovers. 

Carolina...from Sylvia Hatchell. Halfcourt trap drill. The coach hands the ball off to 1, who initially has three feet of space from trappers. 1 must avoid a five-second call or a turnover. x1 and x2 keep her in the 'glass box.' 

Circle trap from Shaka Smart. Trappers (T) and interceptors (I). 

Manmaker. 1 dribble per player each touch. Must advance ball to half court but each player must stay in her lane. Players must work hard to get open. 

Gauntlet. Two players must traverse four pairs of defenders who must stay in their areas. Two dribbles allowed per player per area. Ten second count to halfcourt. Rotation is defense moves up and offense goes to back defensive area. 

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