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Monday, June 4, 2018

Coaching Is Communication

"Compassion is feeling for and not feeling with the other." - Tania Singer and Olga Klimecki

She exploded to the basket and missed made the tough, off-balance layup. She didn't see her teammate open for an easy bucket. She executed the hard play and ignored or missed the 'easy' one. As Coach Shawanda Brown would say, "that is not how WE play." 

Many coaches practice 'sandwich' statements and "speaking greatness." How we deliver a message means as much as what we say. 

"You had a very good game today as one of our leading scorers productive players. But And you can become so much better. You attacked the basket and scored from the outside."

"The best players make everyone around them better, make the team better. As a team, we left a lot of opportunities on the table. Is there anything that you saw that could help the team improve?"

"Better passing makes easier shots. Did you see any times where open teammates had the better scoring chance?"

"Do you remember the times when you were open and a teammate didn't pass you the ball? How did that make you feel? Do you think they feel the same way when they're open and don't receive a pass?"

"You show very good skills and high effort. For some players, that's enough. If it's important to you to raise your game, then sharing, passing, and creating for others will take you there. Tell me in your words what I just said." 

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