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Sunday, June 10, 2018

Summer Basketball Practice: Finishing at the Rim and Other Concerns

Court conditions change summer workouts. Heat stress mandates more breaks and water. Playing on asphalt, I work to limit obvious contact leading to 'road rash'. Any rain and we can't run. Somehow, I've managed to dislocate two fingers coaching. We can still get a lot done. 

Everything we do has to transfer to games...there's no pogo stick drill.  

Layups are still layups, but 'traditional layup lines' begone. 

1. Warmup with 'one more' (Kevin Eastman)

2. Shot fake, pass and cut

After initial pass, wing cuts and gets give-and-go pass from coach

3. "Zone offense" simulator (above)...pass to wing, wing to corner, pass to cutter for layup and post rolls to receive pass for short bank shot. Wing cuts through completely. 

4. UCONN Layups (pick-and-roll)

Alternating sides keeps everyone moving. Use multiple baskets if available. Can have pass to roller or drive by PnR ballhandler. 

5. Reverse pivot, attack (above). "Back pivot, back leads." 

6. Arik Shivek pass-and-cut drill (below)

3 lines everyone shoots. 1 gets a layup, 3 takes a midrange jump shot, 2 attacks the closeout from 1 after the layup. 

7. Tufts reverse layup (another good warmup drill)

We need to improve everything, including practice. 

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