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Thursday, November 8, 2018

Basketball: Diversify Scoring with Cutting

I'm prioritizing simplicity, sharing offensive action with our young players. Within offensive progression, after isolation/one-on-one play, we focus on two player actions. Share brief videos; respect players' time. 

The most widely used action is pick-and-roll play, which belongs to another lesson. 

"Fall in love with easy." 

Give-and-go is even easier than pick-and-roll. Here are just a few of the possibilities:

1. Wing - elbow - cutter
2. Corner - wing - cutter
3. Wing - top - cutter
4. Top - elbow - cutter
5. Top - wing - cutter

This includes give-and-go actions out of SLOB, with or without screens (above).  The emphasis belongs on spacing and timing and usually the pass will be a bounce pass. 

Overplay opens screening and back cuts. Ask players to define back cuts..."a cut that goes toward the ball and then away." 

Coach Castellaw shares this short video. Remember Jay Bilas' Toughness commandments, including "set up your cut." He reminds cutters that the passer must see you. Note in the video how players often finish off two feet. Players need to develop a sense of the possibilities. 

Here's a flashback to a summer post called Offensive Palette

And an excerpt from that piece...combining ball screen with backdoor action. 


Practice Day 1: Plan 

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