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Friday, November 30, 2018

Basketball: Dribble Handoff Applications including Fake Handoffs

Coaches and players acquire and develop tools over their career. Combining a quality craftsman, commitment, motivation, and better tools improves production. Clubs and stones yield to the atlatl, superseded by the bow and arrow. But bows and arrows gave way to Samuel Colt's 45 and subsequent generations of weaponry. 

Having a few handoff plays in our arsenal adds versatility...only to the extent that the players use the tools well. 

Left, basic DH with downhill drive for 3. Right, DHO with second screen into PnR. Weak side action keeps defenders occupied. 

Conversely, the dribble handoff may be a distraction from action on the weak side. 

Left, SLOB, fake handoff into drive. Right, fake DHO with hammer action as the weak side becomes the action focus. 

DHO (right) with staggered screens on the weak side. 

Lagniappe: via Chris Oliver @BBallImmersion

The fake handoff can come off misdirection. 

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