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Thursday, November 29, 2018

Basketball: Message to Our Team - Keys to Success

"Basketball is sharing." - Phil Jackson

What are your keys to success? My high school coach, Sonny Lane, prepared us with a detailed game scouting reports including three "keys to success." 

As we begin our season this weekend, here are five season elements that define our future. 

1. Excel in your role. When every player fulfills her role, the team prospers. That means know, embrace, and execute your role. If your job is to screen, be the best screener possible. Remember, the screener is the second cutter. "Seize the play." 

If you want a bigger role, then earn a bigger role. 

2. Allow no easy baskets. Teams surrender easy baskets with poor transition defense, weak defensive rebounding, and bad fouls. Contest shots without fouling. Defenders, "arrive at the offensive point of attack with the ball." Make the opponents score hard 2s. 

3. Know where we want to score. "Do more of what works and less of what doesn't." Know the strengths and limitations of teammates. Put your teammate in position to succeed. 

4. Space and pace. Hall of Fame Coach Chuck Daly says, "spacing is offense and offense is spacing." When we space, we get shots we want. Spacing opens driving and passing lanes. When we play at a higher tempo (pace), we get more layups, open shots, and free throws. Space and pace help our creators get quality chances. 

5. Fight pressure together. Successful teams apply and defeat pressure. "Movement kills defenses." Player and ball movement stretch defenses and force them to defend space, closeouts, mismatches, and numbers. Defeat pressure together with movement and communication. 

We invest time in teaching you how to play not just how to run plays. 


Radius Athletics @RadiusAthletics reviews Endpoints in Transition and the seamless flow into alternatives...spread pick-and-roll, wing pick-and-roll, dribble penetration and more. I can't improve on their presentation...check it out. 

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