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Monday, November 5, 2018

Basketball: Start Here; Individual Offensive Moves

Tryouts are done. Repetition and new teaching are priorities, with diminished practice time (under negotiation) because of changed school hours. Some basics get reviewed here...apologies if your players know everything within. 

Almost everyone wants to score. Help the team; help yourself. 

Where do you begin? Start with individual play in the context of finding four ways to score. Fewer thrive on cuts or spot up shooting (Klay Thompson). 

Match your shots to your skills. The above isn't a comprehensive list...some score on putbacks and free throws. But you'll have to draw fouls if one of your four strategies is free throws. If you're not a scorer, your game lacks which of the above? 

Basketball is a game of separation. Separate with quickness off the dribble, with footwork, or with cutting and screening. 

Prioritize footwork - jabs, front and back pivoting - and ball protection. Practice footwork at home, then add the ball and finishing, and then add a defender. Develop a handful of GO TO and COUNTER moves. A chest of mediocre moves offers less than a pocketful of potency. 

Coach Jay Wright and staff emphasize rip/swing and toughness with the ball. I teach players to rip the ball low out of the defender's strike zone

Pivoting off either foot has advantages, particularly against defensive overplay. 

Coach Pete Newell taught players to drop step (here a reverse pivot) against pressure...leading to a deep step and drive

Solid players use early decisions (with maximum separation) to initiate their moves. This pressures the defenders before they're ready. Passers help receivers by identifying where the defensive leverage exists. 

Lagniappe: via Chris Oliver on Twitter
1. Isn't that backscreen illegal (no space)? 
2. Pass to Horford forces closeout, scramble, and confusion.
3. The shot fake, side dribble is now a staple for scorers. 

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