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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Basketball: Transition Coaching Notes from Alvin Gentry Via Coaching U Live 2015

Learn from the best, like Alvin Gentry on transition, via Coaching U Live (2015). 

"We got a reputation of 7 Seconds or Less" but 73 percent of our shots came in the final 9 seconds. 

"Get to the spots." 

"The first three steps you take (in transition) determine" the shot you get. 

"How can we get an advantage?"

Running teams means relinquishing coaching control.

"You have to choose a side (of the pro lane)..." because you seldom have numbers

Runners must get to deep corner to take away help on drivers.

4 and 5 are trailing, but with purpose...Gentry calls the totality, CONSISTENT PACE and seamlessly flowing from transition into what some would call early offense. 

GSW early transition into drag screen, corner (3) relocates up. When the ball is reversed to (3), he has shot option or post entry to (4). 

If post entry, then "post split" (3 screens 1) and 5 dives. 

It works because of consistency of spacing and ball movement (and great talent...). This can be turned into continuity through ball reversal, post re-entry, and "split". E.g. If (4) hit (3) into (5), then (3) screens away for (1). 

IF the defense tries to "ICE" (force to one side early), the (4) sets a STEP UP and FLAT screen early and the (1) dribbles to the middle, creating the same early effect. 

Gentry says that during Klay Thompson's 37 point quarter, he got probably twenty-five points lifting from the corner on this action. 

Another good option is "double drag" screens...this create PnR action or pick-n-pop with a good DHO option (R). Gentry makes the key point about keeping the ball moving. 


Basic concepts: (included for young players)
1) The importance of helpside defense to discourage driving.
2) Establish the "helpside I" 
3) Move on the pass
4) This video encourages pointing at ball and man (some call this pistols)
5) Communicate responsibilities...ball, deny, help. 

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