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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Basketball: Directors Take Away the Confusion; Know Roles and Lines

We're storytellers. We cannot confuse. Confusion destroys a possession. One possession can ruin results. We never know when. 

About every book, author Matt Haig said, "someone is searching for something." professors help us find solutions. 

MasterClass professor, director/actor Werner Herzog (Aguirre, the Wrath of God, Bad Lieutenant, Fitzcarraldo, Jack Reacher)

Casting isn't just about choosing a roster. We select and adjust dynamic roles. In Basketball Methods, Pete Newell assigns his posts roles as scorers, screeners, or passers. It's not all or nothing, but everyone must understand and play their role. 

Down 2, inside of a minute, against pressure...timeout (2 remained). We could not run the baseline, which affected my play design. 

We'll take either the touchdown or safe entry. We got the touchdown and a foul going to the basket. 

As directors (coaches), we don't define the character's role...she does. Her size, athleticism, skill, coachability, basketball IQ, preparation, and habits define roles. We script the performance and their voice articulates execution.    

MasterClass professor Mira Nair (Mississippi Masala, Monsoon Wedding, Queen of Katwe)

We have a budget...most important is our practice time. We allocate time to fundamentals, offense, defense according to our beliefs, experience, and values. We have storyboards (practice schedules), scene prep (breakdown drills). 

Get the odds on our side. We had a BOB (baseline out of bounds) play with the score tied in the final two minutes and I used our third time out. The opposing coach called her own (and I correctly guessed she would switch from 2-3 zone to man). I told my team to adjust to one of our core plays (15, below) and asked if they understood. Everyone didn't. 

We got the ball in but didn't have a good possession. 

Our responsibilities include gratitude to our players (for working hard, focusing, sacrificing for the team) and confidence building. Let players know "great pass you made to Helene yesterday," or "Believe in yourself. You got minutes in crunch time" or "way to get on the floor and earn a held ball." Appreciation and confidence aren't automatics. Our stories are love stories, love for the kids and the game. 

Lagniappe: via @RadiusAthletics

We play Man defense...we need better ball containment.  

We have to deny penetration, load to the ball, and limit ball reversal. 

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