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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Basketball: Distant Replay, Ken Loeffler on Basketball (Part I)

Basketball wasn't discovered yesterday. Our truth seeking journey excavates older literature, like Ken Loeffler on Basketball (1955). Loeffler won the NIT title in 1952 and NCAA title in 1954 at La SalleI share some Loeffler wisdom.

"Coaching is no popularity contest." 

"Stress the difference between...intelligent mistakes and wild mistakes." (During wild mistakes, you have no business doing what you're trying to do.)

"Brains, not brawn, became the prime requisite of basketball."

"Getting along with others is the essence of sportsmanship." (And teamwork)

"One of the marks of a finished basketball performer is that he never takes any bad shots-"

"Too much time cannot be devoted to shooting." 

"...relate their movements to those of their teammates, whether they have the ball or not." (Excel without the ball.)

"Games have been one with just this theory: the one superior offensive man played the one inferior defensive man." (Who doesn't love mismatches?)

"any defensive man who has played an opponent who knows what to do without the ball has had an unforgettable experience." 

"Avanti!" Ever forward!

"We finished the season with a much better record...because of balance." 

Lagniappe: via @BBallImmersion

We teach basic defensive concepts in middle school for a reason. 

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