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Thursday, January 24, 2019

Basketball: Reviewing Practice

With the MLK holiday this week, we had only one practice. I divide practice into technique and tactics, with at least half devoted to fundamentals. We always work on apply and defeating pressure on the second practice of the week. 

Sometimes, we just can't get everything done, even with good focus. 

I wanted to review some half-court offense, because during our last game, the offense lacked creativity...and take extra layups and shooting. We derive benefits from form shooting (Flips) and won't sacrifice form. 

531 shooting involves upfakes and one dribble moves into a jump shot (5 on one side, 3 on the other side of the court, then 1 back over), going either right or left. 

Curls and Flares and Fly Bys. Fly bys exposes shooters to more pressure/distraction. 

Expose players to actions you can run, realizing they'll do fewer. The execution, against live defense, was good. Players need actions to separate and get mismatches. 

Double downscreens or 5 iso.

Horns backcut (hand signals) 

High ball screen (hand signals)

Nurse (in honor of UCONN's Kia) backscreen for PG

Middle ball screen "Triple" 

Yes, it's a lot for seventh grade girls. Ask for a lot. They can handle it. 

Lagniappe: via @CoachLiamFlynn
Beyond our capacity, but pretty stuff. 

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