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Monday, January 7, 2019

Basketball: Something Old Something New - Find Your Craft and Your Voice

Be yourself because you have no other choice. Strive daily to become our better version. Basketball is collaboration, collective experience but dependent on individual achievement. You have to make that stop, that pass, that shot. 

We help our players and teams find their voice

Chase your dream unafraid. The dream and narrative depend on your craft. Find the statue within the marble. You live within the demanding ecosystem that challenges your very survival. You have to own it. 

What is your distinctiveness? What makes you you? Can you make the world see you differently or even change the eyes of the world? Search inside yourself. 

Do we do inspire, find a way to help players discover their uniqueness? 

Most learning is self-taught. But great teachers inspire us to aspire to more. 

Lagniappe: Dinosaurs still rule the earth. 

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