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Monday, June 5, 2017

How to Get on the Floor

Playing time (a.k.a. minutes) reflects coaching perception of your contribution to team success. Bill Parcells noted, "coaches are the most selfish people; they play people who make them look good."

Be consistent. Exceptional people are exceptional every day. Be about action, not distraction. Find ways to make teammates better. 

Have great attitude. Show up ahead of time, ready to go. Listen and pay attention. Ask questions when you don't know. Be positive. Bring and share energy. Play unselfishly. Support your teammates enthusiastically when you're on the bench. Don't sulk when things aren't going your way. 

Maximize your effortExcel in the classroom. To get on the floor, go to the floor. Play with purpose. Be fully engaged. Make hustle plays. Compete every possession. Don't cheat the drill. You create your opportunity and role. 

Think. Understand the team philosophy, culture, and identity. 

Reflect upon how you can be a better player. Ask your coaches how you can contribute more to the team. Seek to understand, not to be understood. 

Choose wisely. Make better decisions. Take quality shots. Don't make the same mistakes repeatedly. Play present; don't "double down" with a second mistake after a first.

If this sounds too hard, maybe you're in the wrong sport.  

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