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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Offense from the Weak Side

Players want to be involved offensively.  They must understand that involvement includes proper spacing, occupying defenders, and facilitating ball movement. 

I like this FastModel construct re: spacing, dividing the offense into zones divided roughly by the foul line and slots. We also call the three-point line the "spacing line". 

How do we initiate offense on the weak side? The emphasis is using illustrations...a survey, not an encyclopedic treatment. The typical origins are ball reversal passing, penetrate and pass, screening, and cutting...sometimes to the strong side. 

1) Ball reversal directly. Ball reversal flows via the perimeter, skip passes, or through the post.

2) Screening...often multiple

Simple "reverse action" 

Tony Hinkle (ancient Butler) stagger reverse action

Celtics handback Stagger

Spurs "LOOP" action after zipper-like cut

Trailblazers game winner SLOB stagger

3) Penetrate and pitch (drive and dish). Tony Parker has lit up teams because of his ability to finish off the floater or hit open shooters. 

Spurs (Etorre Messina) drive and dish drill. 

4) Cutting. Dwayne Wade is a master of the weak side cut. 

Celtics' Zipper backdoor 

Celtics PnR backdoor

5) Combinations. 

MSU 'X' against zone as 4 and 5 cross and screen

Toronto SLOB (similar to Spurs 'Hammer') 

Ball reversal with screen against 2-3 zone

Everything returns to core concepts of spacing, cutting, screening, and passing. 

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