Saturday, November 11, 2017

Fast Five: The Right Play

Difference making plays aren't always flashy; sometimes they're so nuanced that many will not notice them. 

In the fourth quarter against Charlotte (7:21 of video), off inside-outside action, deep reserve Guerschon Yabusele had an open three point look above the break. But he made the extra pass to Daniel Theis in the corner who buried the shot. Later, on the defensive glass, Jayson Tatum couldn't corral the rebound but tipped it to a teammate to end the Hornets' possession.

At 1:38 Tatum receives the ball near the arc with textbook footwork using the 'right' pivot foot. Watch the shoulder-hip-ball progression to separate for a layup. 

Near the end, (8:57 of video) Marcus Morris clamps Kemba Walker and 'stayed home' instead of picking up a foul. Conversely, Walker doesn't spot the mismatch (Zeller/Smart) in the paint. Morris' length bothers Walker, and Morris stays out of the "popcorn popper" to avoid fouling. 

Making the right play separates success from failure. Getting the 50-50 ball, a deflection in transition, setting a key screen, blocking out, or a cut to move a defender can define success or failure. 

Fouling three point shots (increasingly common), missed free throws (Dwight Howard 2-9 last night), and turnovers (Howard, 7) inform defeat. 

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