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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Moving the Ball: Elementary

"Movement kills defenses." Basketball is a game of "cutting and passing." 

But do players KNOW? In The Heart of Coaching, Thomas Crane writes about "performance-focused, feedback-rich" culture as the key to "sustainable competitive advantage." 

Here's an introduction to share with young players about cutting and passing. As a middle school coach, I guarantee that my players (3 practices), don't understand yet. 

Give and go. The first 'play' we ever learn. Setting up your cut is critical. 

Read your defender. If they 'overplay' (play high, left), then a back cut (back door) is available. If they play low, then you can front cut (face cut). 

Typical point guard cuts. "UCLA cut" (option cut), off the high post. If the guard goes "ball side" that is called BURY. If she goes opposite that is called THRU. 

Two man game with low post. If the ball is entered to the post, 1 must relocate through or to an open spot. If she passes to C (coach), then she can "set one or get one" (screens). Yes, if x4 fronts, then 4 can seal...but we're not there yet. 

Pass and follow. 1 can pass and use 5 (widebody?) as a screener and passer. 

Scissors action. 1 hits the post and 1 and 2 cut opposite (by convention, the passer goes first). 

Ball reversal. Moving the defense forces closeouts, which challenges many defenders. The ball can go around, over the top (skip), and through (inside to outside) the defense. 

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