Monday, November 13, 2017

"Repetitions Make Reputations"

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Trust the process. Focus on your process, not the results. Bill Walsh's magnificent book, The Score Takes Care of Itself highlights that truth.


Practice versus games. You're playing an AAU weekend, four games. If you're a primary scorer, maybe you get 12-15 shots per game, tops 60 shots in a weekend, plus limited warmup. Every practice, we plan every player to get over 125 shots. 

History lesson. During a summer, Kobe Bryant would get a 1000 makes each day for a hundred days. 100,000 makes. Larry Bird took 500 free throws daily before school. Ray Allen would shoot 300 jumpshots during shootarounds before games. "Perfect practice makes perfect." 

Focus drives attention. Process drives results. 

Character drives process. From Brett Ledbetter, What Drives Winning.

It's also quality not just quantity. Don't take 100 shots; strive to take one perfect form shot a hundred times. Track results. Trackers do better. Darren Hardy wrote The Compound Effect

"Deliberate practice is focused practice." Minimize the killer "L's" - lines, laps, and lectures.

Maximize your resources. If "idle hands are the devil's playground," then idle hoops are the devil's closet. 

Own the Tempo. Get as much done in the time available. The lessons from watching the UCONN women practice were 1) we can do more, 2) we can do better, 3) champions don't cut corners, ever. 

"Repetitions make reputations." We can develop skills via training. Attention is a skill. Hard work is a skill. Toughness is a skill. How good do you want to be? 

"That which we are, we are, and if we are to be any better, now is the time to begin." - Tennyson

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