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Thursday, April 5, 2018

Basketball Mini-Workout: 10 Minutes, 10 Drills

Develop your process. The offseason is about development. Find ten minutes to sharpen your game with ten drills, one minute apiece. 

1. Mikan Drill...alternating right and left-handed layups. 

2. Bradleys...hop, hop, shoot...high release jumpshots close to basket. 

3. Bullys...from wing, one dribble into hard two-footed finish...extend to the rim (a Villanova staple)

4. McHale move...front pivot, upfake, and step-through into layup

5. Form shooting. Swishes only count. Purify your release. Added degree of difficulty? Do it from one knee or a chair. 

6. One-dribble jumpers...catch, rip across low, quick-release jumpshot. Separate! 

Added degree of difficulty? Make it an 'ET' (Evan Turner, above).

7. Spin reverse...alternate elbows, back to basket, spin the ball to yourself and reverse pivot into one dribble layups...added degree of difficulty with reverse layups...

8. Pump fake into jump shot...Jimmy Butlers. 

Go to 2:45 of the video.  

9. Hesitation into quick pullup. Sell the drive, explode into shot. (From YouTube Basketball Tutorials channel)

10. Elbow to elbow...jump many can you make in a minute?

Learn what works for you...SEPARATE to FINISH. You say, but "I'm not that guy." Once upon a time, that guy wasn't THAT GUY. 

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