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Monday, April 2, 2018

Basketball Offensive Development: Your 'Go To' and Counter Moves

Goal: Prioritize GO TO and COUNTER moves. 
Highlight: Rule of Twos
Practical tip: Match your moves to your ability. "We need you in the fight." 

You want to be a scorer. How do you score?  It's not an academic question...rather a multipart problem. You need "go to" and "counter" moves. You decide what works. If you can't say what your GO TO move is, then it doesn't exist. A few reliable options exceed a portfolio of junk. 

How do you create separation
Without the ball, with or without screens (reading screens, cutting) 
- Off the dribble (how?)...reliable, both hands, unbalance the defender
- Off the catch (basketball moves: fakes, pivoting, and first step quickness)

Once you have the ball, what layers are your scoring zones
- Putbacks, Postups, Layups
- Midrange
- Three-point shots

Are you a predominantly a post or a perimeter player
- Invest your time and repetitions on your primary scoring moves. 
- These are GOLD. The relevant footwork applies inside and outside. (Newell footwork videos)

Video from Newell footwork series. 

Attitude. Bring the pain
- Charles Barkley says, "what is your NBA skill?" 
- Start with simple, repeatable, executable (by you). 

- Recognize the 'rule of 2s - two minutes to learn a skill, two weeks to develop it, and two months to execute skillfully in games. 
- Defenders adjust to overplay your strength. Prepare to 'counter' (see video above)

Coach Jay Wright develops the 'go to' and 'counter' series to include basket attack and midrange shots. These are ideal for young players. 

The Paul Pierce wing series presents another set of footwork intensive alternatives. 

Regardless of your footwork, you must finish. 

Remember Kevin Eastman's advice, "you own your paycheck." Your minutes and opportunities flow from your investment.  

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