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Thursday, April 12, 2018

Fast Five: Basketball Best Practices Versus Alternatives

Success parallels process. Critical to best practices are focus, intrinsic motivation, skill development, resource utilization, and patience

Revisit inversion. How do we undermine good process? Consider the opposite of best practices. 

Distraction. Don't allow 'shiny objects' to interfere with the work of improvement. Distractions could include television, Internet, unhealthy emotion, and other bad habits (e.g. alcohol, substances). Chatting during practice, watching other groups practice, or simply daydreaming detract from attention. 

Laziness. We seek advantages (numerical, matchups, separation) in basketball. Sloth never yields advantage. "The magic is in the work." 

Stagnation. Move. Pass and cut. Get out on the break; get back in transition D. Move your feet; move on the pass. We don't need to invoke Puritan theology to understand the primacy of progress. We move ahead or we're standing still. 

Wastefulness. Time is the most valuable resource of all. We have a finite existence, finite opportunities, never a second chance to make a first impression. Strength without engagement equals nothing. Speed without sprinting sacrifices potential. Teaching without listening squanders everyone's time. 

Haste. Coach Wooden reminded players, "be quick but don't hurry." Overanxious players go for steals carelessly, don't wait for screens, and force rushed shots. Opportunity may need both time and space (above). 

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