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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Kirby Schepp on Basketball Zone Offense: Learn How to Play

Kirby Schepp teaches. As one of the Canadian national team coaches, he shares his zone offense breakdown. Here are annotations:

Break the defense down by getting both sides of the floor involved
Statted everything...including paint touches and ball reversal
With paint touch, team scored 50%
No paint, no reversal 22%
Two sides, no paint touch 57%
Two sides, plus paint touch 61%
Three or more reversals plus paint approached 100%

Challenge: "what's a good shot?" 
"Go where they're not." Triangles create indecision for defense. 
Make two people play you. 
Distort the zone and create advantage (a constant theme).

-Basic offense, 5 moves to ballside elbow and 4 runs baseline...he requires a touch for 4 or 5 before a shot. 
-Wants 4 and 5 acting as partners for first looks (high-low).
-"Make two people play you." (We've discussed that excellent players DRAW 2.)
-Think, "drive, pass, pass." 
-Holding the ball kills offense. No ballstickers.
-Encourages exchange between short corner and high post except when ball is reversed around the perimeter. (The problem for younger players is throwing over the top.)
-Did a lot of skeleton work to teach the ball movement options, then added low defense at 35:15 to go part-whole to develop the offense (worth viewing this segment

Later he adds screening the zone. 

Overload with screen on the middle. Run the 3 to the corner...

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