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Sunday, April 8, 2018

Summer Basketball Training: Making Plays not Running Plays

We'll start informal 'summer' activities after Memorial Day. Weather dictates that here. It's a sunny 32 degrees in Boston right now. 

Kids can't go to the neighborhood playground and learn 'street ball' anymore. They have to play in their driveway or have structure. Times have changed from a safety perspective. 

But what structure can we promote? During small-sided games, employ different alignments to initiate common basketball actions. This isn't meant to be comprehensive, just ongoing education about combining spacing, cutting, screening, and passing. 

Sometimes, having six players at a workout is ideal. 

Spread offense breakdown by top. Obviously, you can drive from any initiation or start the play with a coach pass.  

Half 'horns' or 1-4 high look. Certainly other options emerge, like 1 passing to 5, cutting through to screen for 2, or even starting 'Flex'. 

Two "guard" front to use "Holman" play. 

Villanova "roll and replace" concepts breakdown. 

I don't have all the answers, not by a long shot...never will. But the more players "learn how to play", the more time we can spend on fundamental development. 

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