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Sunday, July 8, 2018

Basketball: FIBA Lecture Notes, Mike Brown on Flow

Our players have struggled to get into early offense mode when transition isn't available. We teach "freelance" out of small-sided games, but system 'flow' has worked offensive wonders with the uber-talent Warriors. Here are annotated notes from Mike Brown.

"...need to know where they need to go and what they need to do." 

"...everybody must box out" (doesn't want leakers)

"...we want deep outlets" (doesn't teach guards to go to shallow wings), usually via overhead or baseball pass (calls this "high outlet")

"bullet points...(staples)

  • Pace with High Outlets
  • Space (quadrants...doesn't want 2 players in quadrant unless screen, PnR, DHO)
  • 0.5 (quick, intelligent decisions)...don't allow defense to load 
Goals in transition...two feet in the the rim or a catch-and-shoot 3

Interchangeable 1, 2, and 3 or 4 and 5

Ballhandler = "push man"...first look to 'big' ahead, if unavailable, then high PnR, calling DRAG...other players to space the weak side (if smalls ahead, option for catch 3s

DRAG, DRAG asks for both bigs to screen early and high, others space weak

If passed ahead to non-shooting big (rim runner) with small nearby, will run either DHO (above) or PnR

"Push man" can still call DRAG or DRAG, DRAG if smalls ahead

If big ahead, "Push man" can call QUICK to ask for "Step up PnR" (Action of 'big' depends on whether a shooter...POP...or not)

If big ahead (Rim Runner) can run nose to rim seeking postup in lane

Weak side SPACERS, high wing can call "THROUGH" to get CORNER to got THRU to opposite CORNER FILL

"Push man" with ball
Rim Runner
Weak side wing (spaced)
Corner Fill 
Trail big 

"Push man" can also "dribble at" corner fill (bottom of picture) into DHO who then dribbles toward trail big, setting up back cut to rim. 

If two bigs ahead but not passed, then wings flow to both corners, bigs cut to elbows, and Push Man may pass to elbow and use POST SPLIT action...devastating options with Curry, Durant, and Thompson as key cogs...with pin down on the weak side 

There's more, but this is far too much for young players to digest. We have to simplify this into a useable form. 

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