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Sunday, July 1, 2018

Basketball: New Eyes

Who wouldn’t want to learn better? What can we do to learn better? Practice makes permanent.

Learning grants us to new eyes, to reevaluate what we know. I reread Stephen King’s On Writing and recast his scaffold into situations, narration, and dialogue NOT plot, characters, and dialogue. Hardly a subtle difference. Narration builds the characters, not the other way around. Execution defines players and teams not vice versa.

Neuroscience shows focus, spaced repetition, sleep, exercise, and meditation enhance learning. 

I recently discussed the Pomodoro Method as a way to increase focus. Multitasking is a myth as the fastest computers cycle between processes.

Spaced repetition reinforces neural connections better than single crash study sessions. Study works best in the divide and conquer mode.

Sleep impacts neural processing in multiple ways. We grow more neurons, more synaptic connections, remove toxins, and consolidate memories. Sleep really knits up the raveled sleeve of care. Professional franchises like the Celtics and Red Sox have “sleep rooms” in recognition of the vitality of sleep.

In Search Inside Yourself, Men’s Tan reviews that meditation increases brain density on MRI in learning and memory centers and decreased density in the amygdala, the emotional reaction center.

Exercise also builds more neurons. A recent study showed that an hour of exercise twice weekly helped increase brain volume. 

The New York Times has a light review on learning.


Chris Oliver podcast explores what coaches need to know. 

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