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Sunday, September 9, 2018

Eastman Quotes from "Why the Best Are the Best"

What's the easiest article to write? Simple, steal the words from someone else. 

Education changes behavior. Kevin Eastman brings elite teaching wherever he goes. He's a willing sharer, someone who leaves a teaching legacy in the game. Here are a sample of quotes from his new book, Why the Best Are the Best. You'll immediately notice there's nothing proprietary to basketball...Eastman's advice applies to living. 

Wholly complimentary, I remind readers that it reminds me of William Irvine's classic about stoicism, A Guide to the Good Life. For example, "If you lack a grand goal in living, you lack a coherent philosophy in life. Without one, there is a danger you will mislive and you will end up living a bad life."
  • I often say it’s not about where you’ve been and what you’ve done, but about where you’re capable of going and who you are capable of becoming.

  • “success lies in simplicity; confusion lives in sophistication."

  • Keep a “WILT” (What I Learned Today) list.

  • Champions are about doing what it takes … and not just taking what they can get.

  • What if your team had NO accountability?

  • No Procrastination. I will become a pro at refusing to give in to procrastination!

  • You leave a legacy by the attitude you bring each day, the example you set, the conversations you have, and the mentoring you do.

  • “Sometimes you have to put your heart into something knowing that it may be broken. - Doc Rivers

  • At some point your knowledge has to catch up with your passion.
It's a book worth keeping on your desktop, a resource for daily pearls. 

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