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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Basketball: Alternatives to Traditional Layup Lines

"Give me something I can use." Beg, borrow, steal. Find better ways to practice. Add the new; edit the obsolete or less effective. Winnow your practice portfolio. Let everyone become our editor. 

Judy Blume (MasterClass instructor) asked her editor why he took her on as an author. He saw the possibilities...

We don't practice 'traditional' layup lines. What are some alternatives (especially with multiple baskets)? 

1. Lithuania Layups (from Chris Oliver)
The ball shouldn't hit the floor. 

2. Kentucky Layups

Competitive and conditions. Use four basketballs. In middle school, if we can make 50 we're doing great. We usually do multiple sets of 2 minutes. 

3. Tufts Reverse Layups (from Carla Berube)

4. UCONN Layups (via UCONN Women's practice)

5. One dribble finishes. Quarterback layups

Run the drill from different angles - top, wing, corner. Easily separates explosive from nonexplosive finishes. 

6. Basic box drills (using multiple baskets, we get 3 at practice)

Demand explosive finishing (one hard dribble)
Learn to finish on either side with either hand
Learn to finish "goofy" footed
Add defense later

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