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Thursday, August 29, 2019

Basketball: Finding Tenths, Small Actions that Change the Game

"Maximize all the available track if you're going to find every bit of speed..." 

Learn from other domains to gain sustainable competitive advantage. McLaren pioneered gaining extra "tenths" of a second (per lap) for their racing team. British cycling adopted this philosophy launching their success. 

Many of our games are within two possessions (six points). 

How we can gain extra tenths offensively, defensively, and in conversion? Study how we can get extra possessions, higher effective field goal percentage, improved free throw shooting, and better defensive rating (points per 100 possessions). 

Is our conditioning adequate? The majority of our players are soccer players, many playing year-round. Last year, I felt our overall conditioning was exceptional...because of soccer training. 

Let's consider finding TWO better actions in each phase.  

1. Better weak side spacing and screening. "The screener is the second cutter." Finish your cuts to open space for the second cutter. 
2. Against zone defense, better screening of the top defender to pressure the low defenders


Michigan State "X"

"Wisconsin" Side ball screen rip. Ball reversal to pound inside. 

1. Leverage athleticism of guards for better ball containment. Reduce unchallenged perimeter shots without fouling. 
2. "372"  three consecutive stops, seven times per half, two halves. 

1. Point guard rebounding near the foul line. (Chris Oliver podcast @BBallImmersion)
2. No more than three baskets allowed in transition per game, ever.

Lagniappe: Coach Daniel with a new video breakdown of the Aussie offense with strong reads and execution. #UCLAcuts #BlindPig #DoubleStaggerHandoffs and more

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