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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Basketball: Note Cards

“If you take the pain to write it down you’re more likely to remember it and use it.” - Robert Chandler

Develop a system to store and recall information. Use note cards, a commonplace book, spreadsheets, Evernote, or a personal system. But we need ways to access, recover, and sort ideas. Ideas are our currency. 

I use spreadsheets to store offensive themes, drills, practice schedules, short teaching videos, and longer concept videos. Google Drive shares simplicity and portability. 

This represents an offensive 'note card'. It distills the big menu into snackable choices. 

For example, I 'drill down' possibilities and will refine offensive teaching over the summer in both court and didactic (with film and whiteboard) sessions. Teaching fundamentals adds more value than lecture after lecture. 

In practice we'll shoot a lot and play small-sided-games and advantage-disadvantage press break. But the players love O-D-O (three possession scrimmage starting with BOB, SLOB, free throw, or ATO actions). 

If we can't explain our organization, then we're not organized. 


BOB, Hat tip: Scott Peterman

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