Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Fast Five: Bad

Respond purposefully to victory and defeat. Celebrate small victories ("great move, next time we'll finish") and correct mistakes in a successful process. 

1. "My bad." I don't want to hear it. Or, "It's okay" or to receive apologetic looks after mistakes. Move on to this possession. Now.

2."One mistake, bad play. Two mistakes, bad player. Three mistakes, bad coaching." Good players learn from their mistakes. 

3 Separate criticism of a bad play from withering criticism of a player. Bad play is not a bad player.

4. Force your opponent into one bad shot. Banish "shot turnovers" from your portfolio. 

5. Bad teams embrace noise not poise. Coach Shawanda Brown corrected a multitude of sins, "THAT is not how WE play." 

Bad teams have no identity. Clarify, "this is who we are and this is who we are not." 

Bad basketball reeks from lazy, selfish, soft, undisciplined, rudderless play. 

"Bad As I Wanna Be" is not how your coach wants you to be. 


Celtics up two, a few seconds remaining...in the forecourt. 

Marcus Smart to inbound, Coach Brad Stevens forces the defense to defend much of the court. The ball goes in to Kyrie (1), who gets fouled and drains two free throws. Not bad...

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