Saturday, January 13, 2018

Fast Five: Tell Me a Story

Basketball is a series of stories, a long series of nows that become forever. 

It might start with a rickety hoop on a dirt court in far off places or a plywood backboard nailed to a tree in your backyard. 

But it's about people. "The difference between who you are now and whom you become in five years are the people you meet and the books you read." 

You learn and teach living "Above the Line" (via Urban Meyer). 

The cornerstones to success are industriousness (willing work) and enthusiasm. 

Wilt would rush to block his shot; Sam would launch it just over his outstretched fingertips and hear Sam say, "Too late." 

A coach can change your life. "Never be a child's last coach." 

Ellis "Sonny" Lane, New England Basketball Hall of Fame

Effort is what matters most. Recognize the person in the arena. 

Sometimes the game rewards you with exhilarating success. 

Other times it hurts so bad. 
But we write our narrative. Make it special. 

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