Thursday, January 11, 2018

The Education of a Player (and Lagniappe)

Coaching mostly twelve year-olds this year, I don't know what they know or don't. I sometimes get a chance to learn before practice. One shared that they have English and Math tests this week. 

I asked if they knew the term alliteration...choosing (and explaining) a Shakespearean  example, "Full fathom five, thy father lies." 

And I extended the discussion with another example of rhetoric, tricolon, the use of three words or phrases in speech, like Caesar's, "I came, I saw, I conquered," and General Douglas MacArthur's West Point speech, "Duty, honor, country."

This led to a segue (transition) to brief reference to the largest military academies - West Point, Annapolis, and the Air Force Academy...and a former middle school player who is a student at Annapolis. 

I asked them "how do you get what you want?" Some suggested, "work." Good answer. I asked, "if you want something from your parents what do you do?" They understood. "Ask." None knew the term networking, which means to use the knowledge and influence of those around you to advance your career. "If you need a letter of recommendation for a school or help to get a job, ask people to help you." 

The education of a player means more than form shooting, pick-and-roll, and shell drill. We have the opportunity to make a never know when. 

"When is the most important time?" Now. It's what we do in the moment.
"Who are the most important people?" Your teammates at practice or those you are with right now. 
"What is the most important thing?" Serve the people around you. 

Lagniappe: US Women versus Senegal (Auriemma sets)

Horns middle entry into inside-outside action for a three. 

Horns double ball screen with roll and pop. 

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