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Friday, February 2, 2018

Fast Five: Brad Stevens on Growth Mindset

Excerpts from podcast: I listened so you don't have to (avoid the ads).

Introduction discusses Stanford researcher Carol Dweck's fixed versus growth mindset. "Abilities can be developed over time and improved." 

Stevens read Mindset at Butler. "How are we playing...focus on more than the result." 

His children's elementary school grades initially on "effort, concentration, and how resilient they are."

"Biggest challenge is when emotions get is only about getting better today." 

Most of us (human nature) "feel sorry for ourselves when things aren't going well." 

"...less about comparing ourselves against results or against can I be the best I can be?"

"Word in our weight room, KAIZEN...continuous improvement...a big part of our focus." 


"Our jobs aren't to set ceilings." 

"There's tomorrow." 

"It's really about being able to stay the course." He discusses the Patriots winning and immediately moving on to the combine preparation the next day. 

"My eight year-old is the furthest away from fear of failure that you've ever met." 

"Look at failure as's hard...the harder standard is to beat human nature." 

(about evaluating Brown and Tatum pre-draft)..."are you committed to the long journey?"  

"Everybody has to be the process." 

"You learn by studying every coach and every player we go against." 

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