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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Popovich Spurs Philosophy (Annotated FIBA Video)

"You can't fire a cannon out of a canoe." - Humphrey Walters, English consultant


Popovich shares an "under the kimono" look at the Spurs. I watch video so you can choose whether you want to. 

"There's no magic...everybody knows Xs and Os."

"It's about organization...discipline...relationships with players."

"Usually THEY AM WHAT THEY AM." (Hard to change character, e.g. selfishness)

"We want players who have gotten over themselves." 

"How do they react to their teammates? How hard do they compete? Are they respectful to the game...coaches...teammates? "

Unselfishness makes the game more fun for everyone. 

"I play my bench a lot." (This develops team and motivates reserve players.)

I don't try to manipulate a player (no mind games). He believes in being direct. 

Accountability applies to every player. (Can't treat stars differently...)

Territoriality destroys teams...and the coach goes first (fired). 

"Life goes on." Has perspective on results...

Doesn't want team to feel sorry for themselves. "No pity party." Examines defeat and asks what we could do differently (process). 

Different kinds of leadership...e.g. loud (Avery Johnson) or quiet (Tim Duncan). Duncan is "tactile" with subtle touching of players (arm around shoulder, tap on head)

Timeouts. "I tell 'em one thing." Pick something. "What do you want to do on pick-and-roll? Figure it out." Puts it on them to solve problems. 

"The joy is in the process." Not big on setting goals, but "be the most prepared...and healthy team we can be." Take "pride in work on a daily basis.

Lagniappe: via Xavier newsletter (2006)

Spain pick-and-roll BEFORE Spain pick-and-roll had a name! 

Double Lagniappe: 

Double screen the screener BOB from FastModel Sports

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