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Saturday, February 10, 2018

Sacrifice, Basketball, and Us

"As the Italian proverb says, ‘At the end of the game, the king and the pawn go back in the same box’." - James Kerr, in Legacy

How do we measure a life, our life? Do we measure what we accumulated or what we leave behind, our legacy? "Good enough seldom produces enough good."

Coach Nick Saban asks, "are you spending time or investing it?" 

Achievement demands more. My coach, Sonny Lane emphasized "sacrifice" as the price teams paid for success. Sacrifice meant time, conditioning, going to the floor, making the extra pass, watching grainy black and white film. The New Zealand rugby All Blacks simply say, Champions Do More. More means one more sprint, one more set of reps, one more walk through. 

Senior All Blacks approached a rookie before his first 'test' asking, "what are you prepared to offer? What are you prepared to sacrifice?" At that moment, he understood the meaning of their legacy and tradition. 

Leadership consultant Rod Olson observed before rappelling down a 75 foot cliff, "Army Ranger leaders have their soldiers focus on the facts, not how they feel when performing difficult tasks." Be fully engaged. 

While studying Navy SEALs, Olson saw a sign above a door: 

Be Someone Special.
SEAL training teaches that character informs performance. Character defines trust and trust inspires loyalty. 

When we select young players for training, we don't know their character, commitment, or connection. But we control the communication, energy, preparation, teaching, and time devoted to them. Make a difference. 


"Easy" sets for developmental players:

"Horns" pick-and-roll (can run to either side)...3 has to be aware that alert defender will help and she must find opening for cut.

Horns "down" with double off-ball screens and isolation option for 5 (they should finish their cuts). Rollers are second cutters. 

Backscreen from 1-4

Back cut from 1-4

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