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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Fast Five: Priorities for Summer Development

If you believe in Extreme Ownership, then you establish priorities and emphasis. As we transition from in-season to offseason, we need clarity. Every team has different needs.

Part of the offseason program includes reaffirming the ecosystem...hardening the understanding of why we do what we do and how we do it. 

At our final practice last night, I showed the girls this drill that I call "16". You quickly make two at each spot to advance to the next spot. Ideally, it takes you 16 shots to go out and come back in. After one of my best players went, I an old man it took me 17. The point is, "you can do this." 

Priority 1. Improve shooting
    Primary Emphasis: Proper form leading to increase accuracy "form begets function"
    Secondary Emphasis: Extending range

Priority 2. Game understanding
    Primary Emphasis: Film study (see Orange School
    Secondary Emphasis: Reading defenses

Priority 3. Playing strength
    Primary Emphasis: Physical strength
    Secondary Emphasis: Conditioning

For these preadolescents, encourage flexibility, balance, and aerobic exercise. 

Find five jump rope exercises and spend FIVE minutes total on them. 

Priority 4. Inside scoring
    Primary Emphasis: Playing through contact 
    Secondary Emphasis: Post moves to create space

Olajuwon attributed his footwork to growing up as a soccer player. 

Priority 5: Suddenness 
    Primary emphasis: Attacking the basket
    Secondary emphasis: Explosiveness

We need the mindset to become more SUDDEN. Then we need more explosive athletes who combine WILL AND SKILL. 

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