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Sunday, March 4, 2018

Podcast: The Secret Sauce of the UCONN Women

The Hartford Courant podcast discusses the UCONN Women's Basketball program. Here are the highlights (trust me, the end is about UCONN hockey): 

"It's just fun to watch...the way they execute...they don't play to the scoreboard." (Play the game, not the scoreboard)

"The work ethic...that's never changed...obviously the talent's gotten better." 

"Make sure the kids are getting it." (feedback)

"The core beliefs that they have, have never changed." 

"The month of March is where the UCONN Women are most scrutinized." 

"You see the proof (of Auriemma's coaching) at the next level (the Olympics)." 

"It's harder to coach kids've got to teach kids how to practice."

"You've got to adjust...or leave." (as a UCONN player)

"Geno and the coaching staff...have to trust where you earn your playing time." 

"...adjust to physical play..."

"...take it to the basket more..."

"Geno compares her (Samuelson) to John Havlicek."

"You like to have someone who can break you down 1-on-1..."

"Geno told her (Nurse)...time to grow up..." (play a complete game, not just worry about whether your shot is going in)

"...fine line between being unselfish and selfish" (the extra pass isn't always right)

"They don't take anything for granted." 

"Embrace and focus on every single moment great...strive for perfection to achieve excellence."

Lagniappe: the transcendent player 

Double bonus: USAWNT

Horns into downscreen into DHO. It helps when you have the transcedent talent like Diana Taurasi at the 2. 

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