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Saturday, March 3, 2018

Orange School

If we created "Orange School" to help teach young players to "see the game," how might that look? 

ORANGE SCHOOL creates an educational multimedia basketball series for young players. 

Understanding basketball means more FUN (for students and teachers). The lessons are free with limited time demand (e.g. once a month, maximum 90 minutes). Teaching is an "aspirational practice".

Have a "hook". Incentivize players to come to learn with teammates and pizza. Verify the absence of food allergy. 

Create efficient, focused information in a casual setting to add value. After a session, players can believe, "I see that. I can do that. I can make a difference."

Use contemporary tools, e.g. Internet video with projection (Chromecast). Demonstrate with "Aha" Moments (e.g. highlights). Supplement with video coaching expertise from great coaches widely available online. 

Follow with immediate feedback (to prove understanding) with prepared questions. Reinforce with offseason practice sessions. 

Supervision would include a rotating parent, which reinforces intents of superior content and conduct. 

Additional possibilities might include a guest speaker, e.g. coach, referee, or former player. Sessions might include a cornucopia of didactic material or themes, such as zone offense, pack line defense, beating pressure, conditioning, special situations, sport psychology. 

What's the downside? The biggest limitation could be criticism about limited access. "Why can't my son/daughter participate?" If it were successful, the process could expand but require support...bigger site (e.g. school classroom), technology (e.g. school video boards), and modest financial support for snacks. The bigger the process, the more "oversight" and complexity expected. 

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