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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Postseason Plays Informing Winning and Losing

What distinguishes our team's individual and collective performance, especially in big moments? Yes, talent matters, but talent reflects not just skill, athleticism, and resilience, but Pete Newell's designation, the ability to "see the game." 

Here are a few plays that defined results because of design, execution, and the defense's inability to respond. A small number of plays often define outcomes. 

After the opening tap, the offense ran ball reversal into a diagonal screen (a reverse action) for a layup. Defensively, you need great communication (from x3) to allow x5 to stay with her assignment by "going under" the off-ball screen. 

Similar action off 1-4 (or horns). High ball screen into diagonal screen setting up a high quality layup or postup. 

BOB "Mousetrap" as two defenders go for the cheese. Offense springs the trap by screening the middle of the 2-3. 

Classic "Iverson cut". First, the alignment (1-4) limits "weakside help." It also informs the defense about the intent of clearing space in the lane. 

Here's how it played out in a Massachusetts sectional semifinal game. 

I intend to offer players periodic "Orange School" film study to help see through 'coach's eyes.' 

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