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Friday, May 11, 2018

Coaching Interview: Herb Welling

Welcome to the inaugural Herb on Hoops coaching interview, with Herb Welling. 

Coach Welling shares a wealth of experience and passion in studying, teaching, and coaching basketball. He oversees a popular online website for basketball enthusiasts, has created multiple basketball videos (below), and remains a highly regarded coach and instructor. He describes himself as "an old school gym rat with an unmatched passion for instructing kids on the fundamentals of basketball. I study the game, seek a basketball understanding from his vast network of high school, college, and pro coaching cronies, and then apply that knowledge in his instruction."

RPS: Do you have any opening thoughts about the direction of basketball? 

Basketball is continues to grow in the World.  The rest of the World has caught up to us as for as Teaching is concerned.  Once the Camp era ended in the USA Teaching has started a downward trend.  The evidence is in the NBA by the numbers of players from other Countries.  The Pete Newell quote is right "Over Coached and Under Taught".  Recreation Centers and Fitness Clubs are full of kids nowadays but their Skill level is not what it used to be in the USA.  Our Greatest Generation of Coaches has long been gone.  The elite are still treated the Best in the World and gives us a slight edge over the other Countries!

RPS: What is your core basketball philosophy?

RPS: Describe your ideal team culture. How do you create the culture you want for your team? 

Family Atmosphere created by Peer Pressure System.

RPS: What was your most recent team's 'identity'? Did they find it easily or struggle? 

Aggressive Gamblers by nature picked up easily they looked for each other Offensively and Defensively.

RPS: How has your basketball thinking changed in the past five years?

I believe that Shooting is now catching up to what I thought it should be the whole time.

RPS: What's the biggest area in coaching that we can improve for players? 

Teaching everyone how to Shoot and Score.

RPS: What's your favorite basketball fundamental team drill? 

UCLA 3 on 2 Plus 1

RPS: What advice would you have for your fifteen-year-old self?

Go live with my Grandparents and my Grandfather would have helped me more in Basketball.

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