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Sunday, December 17, 2017

Fast Five: "Basketball is Sharing."

1. "Basketball is sharing." - Phil Jackson

The collective experience of basketball shares the pursuit of excellence

2. Define yourself through your impact on others. Celtics coach Brad Stevens described Ronald Nored as a great 'sharer' and Nored continues that profile as a coach. “I was put on this earth to help people get better,” says Nored at one point, adding later, “What players want is someone who works hard, but mostly who cares about them. If you have those things, players will respect you and want to play for you.”

3. Toughen up. Programs develop a culture, philosophy, and identity. We're young. We have no identity. We need an identity of sharing and toughness. Find a way to "bring the thunder." Win the one-on-one battles, the 50-50 balls, the sprint into transition, the "shoulders game," the "A to B, 4 to 6." 

4. Communicate better. "Silent teams lose." Talking unifies. Talking intimidates. Talking energizes. 

5. Share more. How are you sharing on the court, helping your teammates? Move the ball; move yourself. Set up your cuts; set great screens. Read your defender; read the play. Impact the game; impact your friends. Be great in your role; be great as a teammate. 

Take away ONE THING: 

"If you will spend one extra hour each day, studying your chosen field, you will be a national expert in that field in five years or less." - Earl Nightingale 


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