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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Teaching the Playground Game

Kids don't go to the playground. Lots of reasons, including safety and societal changes. Level 3 sex offenders aren't institutionalized; they're in our neighborhoods. 

We learned the game in the playground. Now "car athletes" get driven to practice and games. That's reality and it's not changing. Many players simply have little grounding in fundamental actions, despite years of instruction, camps, and parents spending a fortune. It's hard to be effective at the "whole" when you lack the "part" game. When we depart the fundamentals, we disservice our players. 

I've taken the focus away from plays (we're not ready) to playing. Recently, I showed some '3 on 3 actions'; here it's even simpler, 2 on 2. Doesn't matter how you play, you have to be able to get separation, pass, fake, and cut, and make shots. 

Screen action: pick and roll, pick and pop, and slip the screen. Yes, there are more iterations, like rescreening and whatnot, but we're simplifying. 

Passer options: give and go, pass and screen, dribble at (handoff or back cut)
Receiver options: front and back cuts and of course, clearing out for 1 on 1 (iso ball) actions

Combo actions: pass and relocate, trying to force defensive mistakes. 

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